Nuzblog Chapter 8: Dragonair and Dragon Clair

Previously on Nuzblog my party whirled through content so fast I had to combine both into a single post. At this point, the Team Rocket plot is super weak, and all I really have to look forward to is new routes with new trainers. I’ve got to grind HARD for the Blackthorn City Gym since this was where my run ended previously.

I did some exploring to get some more buddies on my team- I’m really hoping for Ice Types since my Seel, Moopsler, was caught at a super low level.

On Route 44 I sadly lost my beloved Slowbro, Dougie, to a trainer with a really mean Noctowl. It was a close match, but I wasn’t fast enough to save my Dougie. This is the first truly heartbreaking loss of the game. He had so much potential!

To make matters worse, when I headed into the Ice Caves I knew I had three options for catches: Delibird, Swinub, and Jynx. Truth be told, I would have been happy with either Swinub or Jynx. Both are ice type, and having a sub-element that is either ground or psychic adds lots of versatility to my team! Unfortunately, I encountered Delibird. I tried sucking it up and catching that, but it was so gosh darn pitiful that it got oneshotted fast. At least they give good exp!

After I passed through the Ice Caves and made sure I could fly back to Blackthorn City, I went to go pick up Moopsler fromt he Daycare to put him at the head of my grinding party. Luckily he came equipped with some water moves, so blasting through geodudes and gravellers was no problem.

My stategy for the dragon gym is to tank as much as I can with Bimbli and Moopsler, on account of many of Clair’s pokemon having water typing as well. Bimbli heals with water attacks and can hypnotize, and Moopsler is highly resistant and has ice moves. Worst case, Migos is a glass cannon for other dragons. I taught him Draco Meteor so I could whip that out for most of the damage then switch him out for a tankier dude. And surprisingly, it worked? I was surprised, and so was Clair who refused to give me her gym badge. Rude.  I had to go chase her down in the Dragon’s Den, where I thankfully didn’t have to battle . I even did better than Clair.yeah clair

In hindsight, I think it would have been better for me to take the Eevee from Goldenrod City. This cave is swarming with Dratinis, and I can’t catch anything else here. I could also have gotten an extreme speed dratini from the pokemon master, however I would have needed to use repels and plan ahead. Oh well. No harm I guess, I’ve got a solid party as-is and Migos has been a blessing so far.

It feels good, even though technically I’m nowhere close to beating the game.


Nuzblog Chapter 6 and 7- We’re Soaring, Flying, There’s not a star in heaven that we cant reach

FINALLY THE GAME GETS EASY*. I finally get FLY so I don’t have to run and surf around the entire region.

*Easier at any rate.

It felt good beating the Cianwood Gym, but I know there’s more to grind ahead. I need to beat the Olivine and Mahogany Gyms in this chapter. Since Olivine is a Steel Gym, my only really viable pokemon are Uma and Migos since there are some cross types with electric that I am weak to. Annoyingly, all the trainers are refusing to fight me since I saved the lighthouse. EXCUSE ME YOU COULD BE WORTH SO MUCH FREE EXP.

Luckily, this gym wen’t by pretty fast with no casualties. Olivine City is pretty boring tbh… At least the gym leader was nice!


And, if I ended Chapter 6 here it would be way too short and boring to post.

So begins Chapter 7. I headed to Mahogany Town and caught the Red Gyrados. Since This was the only pokemon I encountered, and a shiny to boot, I ignored the no dupes clause to get Slim Jim Jr for the party. Out of respect, I didn’t catch anything else in the area even though I totally could have headbutted something.

At Mt. Morter I caught a Zubat, which I couldn’t believe took me this long. I called him Wilhelm. I also received a Water Stone from an NPC on Route 42 so I could evolve Bimbli! As well, my first fresh encounter on Route 43 was a Venonat but it was accidentally one-shotted. Which may be good because I would have had it killed by mistake super fast if I tried to use it.

Around this point is when I FINALLY got the EXP Share. Grinding is SO MUCH FASTER!

I got to test it out on the Team Rocket Scum in Mahogany Town’s underground. Again, this is not a very hard level. It’s more of a time waster than anything since by now I’m overlevel for all of it. I can’t recall if I could have unlocked this by catching the Gyrados earlier, and actually used the TR Grunts to level up. In any case, it was an opportunity for Migos to evolve into a dragonair.

I also wen’t back and tried to get some catches from places I had already been:

Cianwood: Shuckle: Gosling

Cherrygrove City: Krabby: I killed it oops

Azalea Town: Heracross: Bofadees

By now I was bored of catching and grinding and took on the Mahogany Gym. The hardest part about this gym is the ice puzzle. The trainers all melt to Uma, and if they have water types Bimbli or Dougie can tank them and take them.

And so concludes a very condensed double chapter. This part all went by so fast compared to everything else. I credit it to grinding thoroughly for the Cianwood Gym.

Nuzblog: Chapter 5: Still being brutalized by Haunters.

Disclaimer: I’m way more enthusiastic about playing and making progress than I am dilligent about blogging! I track my progress narratively and pray to a higher power that I remember my screenshots.

Last time on Nuzblog: Ghosts rekt my party. There’s not a nice way of saying it. This looks very much like it could be the end.

I have no plant or rock types. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I need HMs to get anywhere. Migos the Dratini can learn surf, but that feels like a waste. Otherwise, my only other worthwhile pokemon that can take HMs is Uma, and I’m morally opposed to wasting such a good pokemon on HMs that won’t get STAB.

ch4 party

At this point at least I can get some good water types. I upgraded my rod in Olivine City, and hustled over to some of the older towns to get some catches. From Violet City I added Bimbli the Poliwag to the party, and then to the Slowpoke Well in Azalea Town to get, well, a Slowpoke. I named him Dougie.

And then, out of reluctance and sheer desperation, I taught Uma cut. It’s better than tackle I guess? And until I get Fly I’ll need it. Sure, Fly might be the next gym reward, but if Ecruteak taught me anything it’s that I’m not as good at this game as I like to think I am.

With two new water types under my belt, I taught surf to Bimbli and made my way across the treacherous sea to Cianwood. I caught the mandatory Tentacool, named Goretex, and grinded levels against the comparitively easy water spawns. Normal type moves were actually a blessing, and Brescia the stantler was queen.

Along the way I burnt through a tonne of potions though. I did the math. $6000 worth of potions vs. a single Seaking. If this wasn’t Nuzlocke I could just catch the damn thing, but that’s not an option. Actually, is catch and release a viable option? Is it too cheaty?

I bring this up because after killing $6000 worth of potions, I was not as stocked as I would have liked to be when Suicune lover Eusine needed to validate his feelings by fighting a little girl… Like how fragile is your masculinity if you need to battle some kid to prove you think pokemon are special?RIPSLIMJIM

In any case Eusine’s team has a shit tonne of status effects. I lost Brescia. And I also learned (again) that having only normal type moves on a pokemon is a great way to lose it to an unexpected Haunter. And thus, I lost SlimJim the Gyrados (who I literally JUST CAUGHT AND EVOLVED on Route 41. I also have a Goldeen from Route 42.)  I should ave taught him Surf. But nooooo….

I’m so tired of being brutalized by Haunters. In fact, I was so done with it I wasn’t even offended when I lost my early catch Gastly, Cobain, to a trainer’s Gyarados.

This is actually super annoying, because in regular runs Ghost type is my favourite! Frosslass and Dhelmise are some of my top picks, but Cofagrigus, Honedge, and Chandelure are also favourites (although now that I look at it 0 of those are available in this generation- Frosslass doesnt count since Snorunt doesn’t appear, and also if I had to be tasked to find a female one I would lose my mind.)

In positive news, I evolved Bimbli into a Poliwhirl! I think when the time comes, I’m gonna go with Poliwrath. I have enough water types that having Politoed doesn’t add value, but having some fighting spirit could be nice. Bimbli having hypnosis is actually SO HELPFUL. I don’t normally like status moves that don’t have a damage dealing component, but this is really good for finding a moment to heal.

At one point, I got tired of grinding tentacools, so I did the lighthouse quest to cure the Ampharos in Olivine City. Might as well have a purpose to surf, right? The battles weren’t too bad, and it feels much better surfing back and forth than surfing aimlessly. That also unlocked the Safari Zone, which means new routes and catches!

Route 47: SEEL: Moopsler –> This guy is going straight to the Day Care since I’m going to need an ice type for the Blackthorn Gym, and this guy was just caught at a measly lvl 12.
Cliff Cave: MACHOKE: Mount Lady. Bonus points for coming to me evolved!
Route 48: HOPPIP: Jumprump. Very useful, but for later not now.

This is a good time to reiterate my Safari Zone rules. I decided that I can catch whatever I want in a single Safari Run, BUT I can only keep one thing, and everything else is an uncatchable type from here on out. Yes its a mercy rule, but following the disaster in Ecruteak, I think I need it. I settled on a Wobbuffet*.

*I later regretted this Wobbuffet, stay tuned for why.


After a significant amount of grinding on the blessed land routes, I challenged Cianwood’s gym- Chuck the fighter. It actually went… well!?! The most dangerous enemy was a Mankey or Primeape or whatever with Focus Punch, but I was able to interrupt it enough to avoid taking dangerous hits. Plus Bimbli could put the enemy Poliwrath to sleep long enough to get enough damage in for the kill.

I suppose all’s well that ends well.

Plus I can FINALLY Fly back and forth now!


Slay the Spire: My first gamebreaking deck

I’ve really been enjoying Slay the Spire by Mega Crit. And to be honest, I’m not the best at it (I’m only on Ascension 4), but I did just build my first game breaking deck through the Endless mode that was just patched to the game.

I present to you:

The Defect Power Deck WITHOUT Echo Form or Creative AI:

holy excess.png

Obviously, I did this by building a lightning deck. I was lucky enough to acquire Bird Faced-urn (Heal 2hp whenever you play a power) and Bloody Idol (Heal 5hp whenever you obtain gold) to make sure I was always well healed, especially when using Self Repair. That, plus the Frozen Egg to upgrade powers meant I took pretty much any power I could get my hands on.

I also was able to get a copy of Thunder Strike, which became the only attack I needed. To make this work, All I had to do was stack the ever living hell out of Storm+. storm.PNG

This card was the real MVP of my run. Playable on turn one, stackable, and creating a steady stream of damage. Especially once I could get my hand on Mummy Hand to lower the stamina of multiple powers, this was golden. I also had several other powers including Self Repair, Defragmentation, Capacitor, etc. to get the most out of the deck.

This bad boy pretty much 1 turn ko’ed every boss, including The Awakened One (technically two turned since that spawn has two parts, but still.)


Towards the end of the game, I couldn’t even see all my relics. I finished with 91 because I didn’t want to keep attaining circlets, but I wish I had counted so I could end on an even 100. I quit because I felt like each fight was droning on to be exactly the same- the challenge dissipated as I stacked the same innate cards over and over.

All told, this was a very satisfying run. To some, this level of play might be casual or nothing special, but as a first successful Endless run, it felt awesome! There is no feeling like effortlessly decimating everything before you, and obtaining more relics than you thought would fit on your tiny laptop screen!

If anything, I wish each completed set of 3 chapters upped the difficulty more than adding some curses. At least for this deck, since I never took damage and could heal organically if I did, they were quickly removed via the Peace Pipe relic or a shop. beyond perfect.PNG

I’m also a bit bummed that the Beyond Perfect score capped at 3 perfect boss kills. But c’est la stats.PNG

Now to do it all again with the other two characters….


Nuzblog Chapter 4: Officially scared of ghosts now. And psychics. And rats. Basically trust no one.

Last time on Nuzblog we grinded against the most boring of gyms: Normal Type. I actually used to disparage normal type quite a bit during regular game because it always seemed bland, but now being forced to raise some “trash” mons due to lack of options has endeared me towards them a bit. Still, facing high def/high hp mons like Miltank just isn’t fun.

At least beating Whitney’s gym allowed me to obtain the Spraybottle to get rid of the Sudowoodo that blocks progress. I get the idea of gatekeeping certain areas until trainers are at an appropriate level, but having a key item I’m only going to use once is pretty annoying.

I got my catch for Route 35 first, a Drowsee I named Ivey. This is great! The Ecruteak Ghost gym is up next so psychic type is great to have!

As a side note, psychic type sucks to fight. I lost Ridley to a psychic trainer on route 36.

Question for readers: is it a dick move to use a quest pokemon to tank hits while healing your party? I was carrying a Spearrow for an NPC to give mail to another NPC, but decided that since it’s not my mon its ok to let it faint. I guess its pretty macabre, handing over a dead bird to be mail. But then again…dead dove do not eat.png

Also I thought Benatar could tank a hit from the trainer’s Abra, which it could, but Benatar also got confused from rocking too hard and knocked herself out. The amount of casualties in this supposedly casual battle were ridiculous. I guess I’m not training my whole team up as well as I thought, since I needed Uma to be damage control. I’m so sad I lost two good dudes 😦

To advance, I need to use that one use item to get the Sudowoodo out of the way on Route 36. I totally forgot Sudowoodo is catchable and caught a Vulpix named Pearl in the grass instead. I had a minor freakout moment since I JUST LOST MY PLANT TYPE and I don’t have any water mons yet, how in the holy hell am I supposed to fight a tanky rock boi?

Wait a minute.

I have a hero.

In the daycare.

An oddish! Misha!

And she’s over level!

And she can two shot the Sudowoodo.

That left me plenty safe to catch on my way up to and aroundCity. I caught a Stantler called Brescia on Route 37, and a Meowth on Route 38. I decided to train Brescia and box Corgan the Meowth for now. I went back to the Burned Tower in Ecruteak, where to my dismay I killed the first thing I encountered (a zubat). I’m not heartbroken about missing the zubat, but I am heartbroken that I forgot there’s a rival battle in here and I brought my level 15 Ivey (drowsee). The rival battle went ok, and after Misha and Felicity evolved! Buuuuut I quickly lost Ivey to a Raticate who knew pursuit. Drowsee may creep me out, but that doesn’t make it ok! I should never have had her at the head of my party.

Already so much death in destruction in Ectruteak city. Maybe that’s why its full of ghosts. But did I learn my lesson and play smarter for the Ghosty gym?

kind and strong
Note: She is mocking me.

No. I did not.

I just had to bring Ann Veal, my daycare raised Togepi to battle as my status imposer. This is fine, I thought. He’s a normal type! He can resist ghost moves! Well. It wasn’t fine.

Normal type might be immune to ghost moves, but they can still be afflicted by Curse, which cuts their HP. And they can still be afflicted by Mean Look, which means they can’t switch out of battle. So if Haunter wakes up from the sleep I inflicted sooner than I’m ready and hits me with a mean look, I’m screwed. And that’s when I lost Ann Veal. To a trainer no less! I’m not even at the gym leader!

Back to grinding I guess. But something odd happened. Note I played up to Blackthorn city in a previous attempt at the run, and this never happened:


I had never had the chance to catch a legendary dog in my previous runs!!! I had no idea it was a thing that could just casually happen to me on any route! Suffice it to say Rival was right, I couldn’t catch it. I was very disappointed by this outcome. I even threw my only ultraball at it! But it fled. Like a fucking Abra.

only villains do that

Nonetheless, I had to keep going. Allmight would want me to.

I went to Olivine to get a good rod to maybe increase my odds of having something good. Plus there was lots of grass and trainers for good exp. After a while, I felt ready for the gym.

My party: Uma (Quilava), Migos (Dratini), Misha (Gloom), Felicity (Pidgeotto), Brescia (Stantler), Armstrong (Geodude) .

It actually went well for a while, until Morty the gym leader brought out his ace Gengar. That Gengar decimated Armstrong and Misha. That oddish was so important! She saved me from Sudowoodo! And I was going to use her while I fight tentacools between Olivine and Cyanwood! Uma saved the day (as usual), but I was bummed out.

Following Ecruteak, the outlook is bleak.

post ectruteak extras
Those who were spared
post ecruteak party
Those who survived
post ecruteak deadm mons
Those who perished



Nuzblog: Chapter 3 – Do it for Dratini

Following the defeat of Bugsy and Rivalboi, I made a beeline (hah) for Goldenrod city.  In my opinion, this is where the game gets good. Routes start to be more connected and accessible, there’s way more exploratory options, there’s the daycare for passively raising pokemon, what more do I want or need?

Going through Ilex Forest was fairly straight forward, and it awarded me with the HM Cut and an oddish I named Misha. I’m most excited about cut because Baxter the beedrill can have more offensive moves. I taught headbutt to Benatar the onix and kept moving so I could leave mons at the daycare. I left Misha, because I’ve already got a bellsprout in the party and can’t forsee a need for having two grass types just yet, and Ann Veal the togepi because I couldn’t bear to let that cute little egg get hurt.

protect me

As a side note, my Mother in game reminds a lot of my real life mom. I keep getting calls from her about having to pick up some things she bought for me. And I get excited thinking its a good evolution stone or held item, but no, its always berries. “Hi Sweetheart are you eating enough fruit? Well maybe you should eat more fruit.”

By the way, Goldenrod city has two options to get a pokemon. After advancing a little further, Bill the PC guy could give me an Eevee, or I could grind the Voltorb Switch minigame to get either an Abra, an Ekans, or a Dratini. eeeeexcuses.png

Using a process of eevee-limination, I discerned it’s not really worth it to wait it out for an eevee. The one I would want most would have been Glaceon because there is a dragon type gym and I want those ice moves. But I can’t evolve a Glaceon in this game despite it being generationally available since there aren’t any Ice Rocks. The original gen 1 eeveelutions all require an elemental stone which are not easy to get any time soon, and frankly not worth it. I already have Uma as my fire starter, water types are easy to get once I unlock surf two gyms from now, and I see electric type as a luxury I don’t really need any time soon. That leaves Espeon and Umbreon, who are admittedly pretty cool and very easy to obtain. Of the two, I’d probably go with Umbreon because I like dark type moves better than psychic, but Umbreon takes a while to learn any worthwhile moves and I’d rather have a dratini at this point.

So I grinded HOURS of Voltorb Switch. I actually really like this mini game. How it works is fairly simple.voltorb switch how to To earn coins, you need to flip panels that are worth either 2 or 3 coins which will multiply your score, but if you flip over a Voltorb its game over. The grid gives you a fraction for each row and column. The numerator (top number) represents how many points are in a column, and the denominator (bottom number, with a Voltorb next to it) represents how many dangerous Voltorb tiles there are. In the screenshot, you can see that I have flipped over all the tiles where the denominator is zero, because there is a 100% chance that the tiles are safe to click. In the top row, I have marked these tiles as being either a Voltorb or a one, because out of five tiles there is a 1/5 or  20% chance of a Voltorb, a 4/5 or 80% chance of it being a 1, and a 0% chance of being a tile that will add to my score. So I don’t need to flip any of these tiles. The red column with the fraction 4/1 will be equally fruitless, as will the blue row 3/2. The rest uses simple probability and honestly a little bit of luck. Higher levels of this game award hundreds of coins per game since they have bigger numbers and are harder to deduce safe clicks. Let me know if you want to see a more detailed write up about how to play and win this game!

In reality I think I played maybe 3 hours of this while watching TV, it didn’t take that long to earn enough points (2,100) for a dratini, and I even played a few hours extra so I can also exchange my points for TMs, because I’d eventually like to teach Ice Beam. I named my dratini Migos and did some grinding on route 34, where I missed my catch opportunity to an Abra. I would have rather had a Drowsee or even a Ditto, but nooooooo. Abra just had to go social anxiety itself away from my party.

But I was quickly ready to take on Whitney’s normal gym. It wasn’t bad at all until I got to her Miltank who would heal basically every turn. I employed the same strategy and just ate a bunch of potions until she locked herself into Rollout, which was my chance to go in for a quick but risky kill with Uma.

Normally I’d end in fan art but I’m trying to replace my tablet and won’t subject you to much more bad photoshop, but since there were no deaths and I spent most of this chapter playing a minigame, wait till you see what comes next!